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Welcome to RVS College of Physiotherapy

Dr. M.K. Franklin Shaju
MPT(Neuro)., MSPT(Sports)., PG Dip (Bio-Stat).,Ph.D,
Principal of RVS College of Physiotherapy
Dr. M.K. Franklin Shaju, our dedicated Principal, is a distinguished alumnus of the inaugural batch of RVS College of Physiotherapy (1993). Dr. Shaju has been at the forefront of our institution's academic endeavors with an illustrious tenure as a dedicated faculty member. He deeply understands the institution's ethos in his current role as Principal.

Dr. R. Nagarani, M.P.T., M.A., PhD.,
Secretary of RVS Institute of Health Sciences & Ayurveda College
Our highly esteemed Secretary of RVS Institutes of Health Sciences, Dr. Nagarani, played an instrumental role as the first principal at RVS College of Physiotherapy. Widely recognized as an academic leader in National Physiotherapy circles, Dr. Nagarani has made significant contributions to our institution. Her dedication as a founding faculty member and her guidance in physiotherapy research have been invaluable to the growth and success of our college.

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